Everything You Need and Want To Know
About Massage Therapy

...experience the benefits from a Licensed Massage Therapist
by discovering Massage Therapy

I designed this site to pass on the knowledge and love I have for Massage.

A very real and viable power comes from the 'laying on of hands'.

“How can massage help me?” Depending on a persons' situation, it can help in numerous ways. Whether it be for stress relief, muscle aches and pains, pain management
due to injury or just a 'time out' for yourself, the benefits are amazing.

Prior to my education and training, I once viewed 'Massage' through a slightly distorted window.

Pain management - This area started off as a personal hobby of mine due to stress and other negative issues I was dealing with. After discovering the benefits for myself, this hobby turned professional.

I discovered massage therapy was the drug-free, non-evasive, and pain-relieving type of medication I had needed all along.

So it is my desire to share with others what I, myself, have learned.

I hope you will join me on this journey!

It’s amazing how we all suffer from some symptoms of stress, tension, and pain.

Actually most of us would choose to be healthier than we are.

There’s nothing like being free of pain.

Massage is becoming more and more popular as people are seeking alternative
methods for pain management.

Through my own experience I have learned how physicians, chiropractors, and
physical therapist are recommending massages for health conditions.

Many employers and health insurance plans support licensed massage therapist.

Massage therapy has so much to offer everyone.

So how could I not share this with others?

Just like a mechanic have many different tools and tricks for keeping your car running, massage therapists' have a dozen various techniques to help keep the human body
healthy, pain-free, happy, and balanced

My goal is to help you with everything you need and want to learnabout massage.

And during this journey of mine, I will share all I have learned, starting with following:

  • How can Massage help me? (and… how it changed my life)
  • Get rubbed the right way (you will see why this is important)
  • Find out what happens when you get a massage (don’t be nervous!)
  • The enormous beneficial effects (the ever-expanding research)
  • Pick your pressure (which style is for me? Find out about the various techniques
    that are offered)
  • History 101 (this is actually quite interesting, trust me, I hate history)
  • My favorite natural health tips
  • Florida State Laws for bodywork
  • Wonderful information for students of massage therapy (coming straight from an
    instructor herself)
  • Insurance coverage (yes, most health care plans cover bodywork... awesome indeed!)

Welcome to Chambers Massage Therapy!

Do you love what you do? We do, and it shows in the quality of our treatments, the
friendliness of our smiles, and the beauty of our surroundings.

When you walk through our doors, you will immediately feel a sense of relaxation.

Soothing colors, soft and natural lighting provides the setting for the calm and comfort
your soul is seeking.

Chambers Massage Therapy is located in Lakeland, Florida.

Local residents from Polk, Hillsborough, and Orange County have made remarks on how
we are located “just around the corner”.

Your health is in our hands... (No pun intended).

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